“Thoroughly enjoy H.A.B.I.T classes, love the challenge of a new routine every 2 weeks and also the motivation given by the instructors and fellow students, it’s great! habit time = me time J” -  Julie Hughes


“I’m so glad I started H.A.B.I.T it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself! I’ve lost weight and inches and my fitness level has improved so much! The classes are great, so much variety and a new routine every 2 weeks, never lets you get bored. Most of all the brilliant instructors – without their constant encouragement and advice I couldn’t have done it – thanks H.A.B.I.T” – Tracey Russell Jones


“It works!!! – having done H.A.B.I.T regularly I felt able to progress to triathlon events, training I instantly see the difference. The whole teams enthusiasm drives you on, motivates you and Gemma’s progressive adaption of routines and equipment is admirable.” – anonymous


“Instructors are very motivating, helpful, I love the fact they push their students. Classes are great, I feel I have had a better workout in 30 minutes in H.A.B.I.T than I do doing hours in a regular gym, classes are insane, I love it J” – Anonymous


“Over the years I have tried many ways of exercise and losing weight, but none have been very successful.

The first H.A.B.I.T class I came to I thought I was going to die, but on the same I had enjoyed myself. I look forward to coming to the classes, it’s welcoming and everyone is friendly and instructors are positive. I enjoy the fast pace and

45sec is not really a long time! I have only been coming for 4 months and already I feel better in my clothes and have had a lot of compliment about my appearance!!

I thank the instructors for making exercise fun and not intimidating, with classes that are at an excellent time for working mums” – Alys Parry Jones


“I’ve always loved doing any type of fitness, but I’ve got to say since I’ve started H.A.B.I.T it has changed my overall physique for the best, and health in many ways. I am so proud of the way my physique has changed. It’s always a true saying – you are never too old to train, even though I am going on 55. The program is fantastic, it targets all part of the body, it’s a thoroughly excellent workout .

The instructors are very helpful in many ways, they are always giving you all of their support, advice and instruction on how to perform each exercise correctly. There is always feedback on good nutrition and how to lose weight and they are always there if you need them for any support. I could not ask for a better team of instructors!!” – John.B.Jones


“Habit has made me much more positive and motivated towards healthy living, I feel guilty if I don’t’t do a class and feel gutted if I can’t do a class” – Anonymous


"Since starting habit classes my fitness has improved and finally the weight that I want to lose is coming off. The classes are fun and varied in routines. No matter what level of fitness you are you can always take part. The instructors are always there to support and encourage you – and everybody is so friendly – a great way to lose weight, get fit and make new friends. Thank you tem J” -  Anonymous


“I love coming to habit classes. I’ve been coming for 16months now and still loving it as much as I did to begin with. Love the awesome routines and twist of Ultimate H.A.B.I.T” – Fflur Roberts


“Habit classes: the fact that the program changes every fortnight means it doesn’t get boring. The variety of exercises means all the wobbly bits get a workout, the class time are very convenient, and the fact that the classes only last 30 minutes Makes them less daunting. The instructors aren’t too scary!!!

You don’t have to be sporty or co-ordinated to do it. I’m definitely fitter band stronger since I’ve started and I’ve found bits that hurts that I didn’t even know I had. Thank you” – anonymous


“it’s been aprox 6 weeks since I’ve started. I was made to feel at home straight away – the routines are varied, changing every fortnight so I won’t get bored and my body won’t get used to the routine. The instructors motivate and encourage you to give your best and give you advice on how best to do the exercises. I’m loving it, I feel healthier and fitter already, thank you “ – Sioned Catrin

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